OEM Electronics

Easy to use electronics for a range of CCDs and photodiode arrays


This set comprises two small size PCBs. A small 50mm x 20mm circuit contains the pre-amplifier and A/D converter electronics. The second PCB contains all the control electronics, Data Storage and PC interface. A choice of USB, RS232 and parallel port is available. A data storage memory of 512kbyte contains enough memory to save a large number of scans. This enables high speed data acquisition.  




Prices start at US$380 Euro 290 195. (one off)

this price includes a TCD1205 or TCD1304 detector.


  • USB, RS232 or parallel port interface

  • Programmable integration time

  • Number of readouts to scan 

  • Multiple scan storage 512 scans with a 1024 pixel detector

  • Region of interest programmable

Available detectors


Supplied with these circuit boards are software drivers and demonstration programs for Visual Basic, Delphi, LabView and C++.

Software drivers are supplied in the form of a DLL or COM server, ActiveX. Communication to the USB and RS232 is also possible using low level ASCII string programming. 

Custom PID and VID can be programmed into the USB devices. Also custom device description allows the hardware to be identified using custom manufacturer's name and Product name.


Some of the detectors supported include:

SONY ILX554 ILC551 ILX751 (ILX511 if you have the detector)

HAMAMATSU  S3901 S3902 S3903 S3904 S9840 S7030 S7031 S7033 S8382 S8383

HAMAMATSU InGaAs G0201 G9202 G9203 G9204 G9205 G9206 G9207 G9208

TOSHIBA  TCS1205 TCD1304 TCD1707


TAOS  TSL1401 TSL1410

Please contact us if you need a detector not listed above.