Low cost CCD Line Camera

DIGITAL OUTPUT CCD LINE CAMERA (2048 or 3648 pixels)

These Line Cameras are innovate electro-optical transducer assemblies for high speed detection of optical radiation. They provide digital outputs of electro-optical signals so that, in conjunction with microprocessors or personal computers, evaluation of signals can be readily implemented without the user having to possess specialized knowledge of electronics. The cameras may be used as direct replacements for single detector, scanning spectrometers and spectrophotometers, as well as being used for precise measurements in low light level conditions. Interfacing to a PC is made easy with a range of interfaces, USB, RS232 or Parallel Port(EPP).

These cameras provide silicon CCD detection, analog-digital conversion, data storage, and interface capabilities. They are very sensitive and are excellent for general purpose spectroscopy applications where low cost is of importance.

Camera Features

Number of sampling photo-diodes 2048 or 3648
Spectral range 200 through 1100 nm.
Pixel center to center spacing 8um or 14Ám
Pixel height 200Ám
Digital resolution 12
Pixek clock MHz. 0.5MHz.
Data storage in camera 512kbyte
Saturation exposure 35 nanojoules/cm sq.
PC interface USB, RS232 or Parallel Port(EPP)
Extended range detectors available for UV applications