LINE CAMERAS for Spectroscopy

Cooled InGaAs Infrared linear Array Camera

InGaAs cameras are sensitive to IR light in the range from 0.9m up to 1.67m or 2.55m.

 All types have a 16 bit digital output with 1 Mbyte of internal data storage. A choice of interfaces for connection to a PC.
Formats available are either 256 or 512 pixels. With pixels heights of 250um or 500um m. Pixel pitch of 25m (512 pixels) or 50m (256 pixels)

These cameras are cooled to -10C or optionally to -30C with water cooling. 


USB, RS232 or parallel PC interface



Camera Features

Number of sampling elements 256 or 512
Spectral range 0.9m to 1.7m or 2.6m
Pixel center to center spacing  25um or 50m
Pixel height  250um or 500um
Digital resolution 16 bits
Pixek clock MHz. 64kHz.
Data storage in camera  1 Mbyte
Dark current (10 ms at 25 deg Centigrade) 0.2 pA
Saturation exposure 35 nanojoules/cm sq.