LINE CAMERAS Cooled Full Frame CCD
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Digital output Cooled CCD Cameras

for very low light level detection.

This series of Cameras are the most sensitive in the Spectronic Line. Suitable for demanding low light level spectroscopy. They use CCD full frame detectors from Hamamatsu. The detectors are two dimensional arrays with pixel formats of 64 X 512 up to 256 X 1024. They provide digital outputs of electro-optical signals so that, in conjunction with microprocessors or personal computers, evaluation of signals can be readily implemented without the user having to possess specialized knowledge of electronics. 

PC interfaces available USB, RS232 and Parallel port.

Driver software and demonstration software supplied.

The detectors are used in "line Binning" mode". This effectively produces a detector of just one line of 512 or 1024 pixels. This results in very high sensitivity and very low noise.

Camera Features

Number of sampling photo-diodes 512 x 64, 128, 256 or 1024 x 64, 128, 256
Spectral range 190 nm through 1100nm
Pixel center to center spacing 25 Ám,
Digital resolution 16 bits
Scan time 16 Ás each pixel
Data Storage in camera 512kbyte, ( 1 Mbyte optional)
Cooling -10degC air cooling (-50degC with chiller)

Spectrum of Back illuminated CCD detector. 

(Note the high sensitivity in UV)